Outdoor Kitchens

Since its inception, the outdoor kitchen has evolved dramaticly from a just simple grill on your back patio. Thanks to its versatility and ability to withstand all types of weather, decorative concrete is expanding the possibilities of outdoor living. Concrete can be used to build nearly every structural element of an outdoor room, including patios and pool decks, countertops and sinks, pizza ovens and fireplaces, built-in seating, architectural accents and water features. What's more, decorative concrete permits homeowners to match the colors, textures and styles of the elements inside their homes and create seamless visual transitions.

The outdoor kitchen is a great way to spend more time enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. At Artistic Concrete Ohio, we are creating kitchen designs on budgets large and small. We can build you an outdoor room that enhances the beauty and usability of your home and brings style to your outdoor entertaining.

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